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Case Study: Next Level Fitness Gym

Services provided: Website with Automated Signup, Billing, Email and Hosting


Increase in new signups since automating


Increase in day to day productivity & Personal Training


Increase in Social Media marketing conversions

Next Level Fitness is one of few 24-hour gyms in the Lakeway Area, they have state-of-art machines and equipment. Their environment is geared toward any fitness goal you may have. Bogged down and frustrated with manual signups, they came to us and asked if there was a better way to streamline the process and automate their signups. We were able to fully automate their process from signup all the way to the setup of automatic payments via their payment portal of choice and give them an online presence at the same time. If your looking for a GREAT gym in the Lakeway Area be sure to check out Next Level Fitness located at 1096 Martha Glass Dr, Jefferson City, TN 37760

Bookkeeping Your Way

Case Study: Bookkeeping Your Way

Services provided: Website, Hosting and SEO


increase in day to day emails and consultations from website traffic


Increase in Search Ranking and Facebook conversions


Increase in Social Media Marketing Conversions after Branding package

Bookkeeping Your Way sets the standard for outsourced back-office needs. Lisa has 30+ years of experience in all types of business sectors. She will work with your CPA or refer you to a CPA to round out your full Accounting needs. BYW for short specializes in Small and Medium business payroll, quarterly and yearly tax prep. They are a Quickbook Online Certified Firm and can easily set up and transfer all your data from any system you’re currently using.

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