Why Choose a Professional Website Agency vs a DIY Option?

We break it down for an informed decision.
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Choosing between DIY or a Professional Website Agency is a tough decision!

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We hope you enjoy this analysis and it helps in your journey for a business website!

Where do I even start?

A business website is crucial in today's world, but getting started can be confusing, expensive, stressful, and time consuming. 
Your website is the first thing 90% of potential customers will look it, and you have 3 seconds to capture their attention.
With all the available DIY Website Builders today, many businesses are going DIY instead of hiring a Professional Agency. 
But is the cheaper cost really the best solution for YOU in the long run?
3 things to ask yourself before choosing a DIY option is:

Will I have time to do it ? 

Building, Optimizing & Maintaining a website is NOT just a one-time setup and your done. Unmaintained websites are bad news for your business & wallet. Lost monthly revenues, vulnerable to cyber attacks, lost viewers & potential customers due to experiene issues.

Can I make it work for me?

The reason to have a website is to promote, grow, & increase your business. Creating a website is more then words & images. It tells your story , how you solve their problems, & why to buy your product. Your website should be a virtual salesman, that never stops!

Do I want to rent or own?

Renting your website versus owning is costly in the long term. Not to mention added features you pay for. Most our add-ons are a one-time cost & we include the basics to save you money. We broke it down below to show you the cost overtime.

Cost of Renting vs Owning Your Website
Lets say you pay $25 per month for your 3 page DIY website, then you want to add in a booking form but the one you want is $10 per month, then you have to pay $10 per month for a "special" SEO add-on to do some technical SEO such as pictures tags and meta tags.

1. $25 per month for the site and hosting
2. $10 per month for the booking form

3. $10 per month for the SEO add-on

4. Total cost of $45 per month, over a year that is $540 and a whopping $1080 over 2 years and that is just 2 "add-ons" the SEO being the most crucial for your online success. 

Worst part, you still do not own any intellectual property of your site! Plus we are only accounting for 2 add-ons and most website need double if not triple to achieve their goal!
The same 3 page website your "renting" would cost you about $1050 for a professional design, as a one-time cost. 

1. $25 per month for hosting (but your not maintaining it)
2. $0 per month for the booking form

3. $0 per month for the SEO add-on

4. Total cost of $25 per month, over a year that is $300 and $600 over 2 years for your hosting, now we add in the one-time cost of $1050 for the website. Your first year you paid $1350 for the website and hosting, but year 2 your only paying $300, plus you now own your website, instead of renting!

Without having limits on your website, you will see faster growth by hiring a professional vs doing it your self. We understand the methods that works and implement those from day 1 on your website!
Yes, you read that right, DIY builders rent you a website!
Want to know more about what this means? 
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DIY vs Professional

The options for a professional agency are also endless and finding the right one for you can also be a tall task. 
A lot of these agencies like to play games, gimmicks and upsell you on everything. This is where we are different vs everyone else.
So, what sets us apart?
1. Made for Small & Medium business in mind to cut out the games, we only succeed if your succeed, we provide custom solutions for growth!
2. No UPSELLS, GIMMICK, or GAMES , we recommend an optimal online solution, tweak based on your feedback and goals.
3. No contracts, no yearly price increases (unless you want to upgrade your plan), monthly reports and NO games EVER!
The top 5 questions we hear when a business is starting this process 

1. How much will it cost me for a website? The answer is straightforward but does require a few questions to understand each situation.  
i. How many pages do you want?
ii. What will you use your website for?
iii. What functions do you need (i.e., booking or scheduling calendars, online store, promo pop-ups, quote forms, etc.)
iv. Do you have your own media and content or do you need us to create that for you?

2. How do I know what I need on my website, for it to benefit my business?
Your custom solution is based on the goal of your website.

3. Do you require me to pay you for maintenance or can I do it myself?
You do not have to pay us anything for maintenance, but we do offer several affordable plans and they include hosting. We will train you on updating your site as well.

4. Do I have to host with you?
No you do not have to host with us, but our hosting is pretty awesome and by hosting with us, we keep your website’s software updated, daily backups and secure throughout the month. This saves you time, especially if something happens and your website goes down unexpectedly.

5. How long will it take before my site is up and running?
This depends on the website, most 5 page or less sites are up and running in 2 weeks or less!

Pros & Cons of DIY Builders

There are several reasons why you would want to turn to a DIY builder instead of a professional, the biggest thing you want to ask is, does the risks outweigh the cost savings? Below we will breakdown the pros and con of DIY builders. 
1. We understand your money is important, have you heard time is money? If you spend countless hours on a website, what other task(s) are you putting off during the time spent on you site? Did you know, we can tailor payments to work with your budget? Everything can be done in phases instead of one time if that works better for you!
2. Backups- DIY builders do not give you backups for the cost you pay them monthly! This will cause a HUGE issue if your website gets hacked or goes down. Now you must start back over and recreate it from scratch! Instead, we backup on a regular basis and can restore you site in a couple hours vs you are spending a couple more days, weeks or months remaking your site.


Cheap Startup costs vs a Professional
Up and Running Quickly
No technical or coding knowledge required
Low Monthly Fees
Hosting is included


Limited functions & cost more in the long term
Template based make it hard to be unique
Poor user experience & hinders search results
Paid add-ons, limited potential & Ads
Shared hosting is slow, and less secure

DIY website builders are good for very small informational websites, but if you are looking to promote your business, grow your business, expand your business or sell your products online then a DIY option may not be ideal for you. What happens when you pay for everything, get it done, and you HATE it ? Well your locked in for at least 60 days because they lock your domain name and you cannot move it out, nor can you move your "rented" website away from the builder, at this point you MUST recreate in another platform...more time!
Renting Vs Owning


Buy a plan and domain name
Domains locked for 60 days & can't be moved
Your limited to your plan
Can't move from one host to another easily
Hosting is included but is slow


Buy domain name and connect to hosting
No domain lock & cheaper thru a professional
No limits on what your website can do
Easy to move from one host to another
Blazing fast, affordable, and secure hosting

Real life scenario
You buy a plan on Wix or Squarespace to make a website for your business. You spend countless hours making your website, just to find out you have to spend more money to get the functions you want. Hours of research and more hard earned money later, you just can't get it work the right way still! 3 weeks later, you finally get it working the right way, but it  functions poorly on a phone or tablet, now to fix that! 6 months later you realize your website is not really bringing any results and you start researching why? You find your server is slow, your SEO is limited and in trouble from your speed, lacks optimization and is causing your audience to leave as soon as they hit your page. How do I fix it? Now your heads spinning and you want to move to another builder, just to find out the only way is to rebuild your entire website! All that can be avoided by hiring a professional, we build, you tell us the changes you want and save your time. Something not working like it should or you want better results, we fix it for you, yet again saving you valuable time to run your business!

We have GOOD news though!

We give you options, no matter if you have a DIY site and want to move it to a professional environment, or your looking to make a website but think you can’t afford it.
1. We can move your site from Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, GoDaddy or any other DIY builder you have.
2. We work with all sorts of budgets and can find a payment option that works for you and gives you the results you want.
Send us a message, give us a call or shoot us a text. We can create your custom plan today!
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